The curtain rises.

Time is an arc. Or a circle. Either is fine.

Pride, apathy, regret — all are symptoms of the passing of time. In the grand tapestry of fate, they change little, but matter very much. They are out of our hands and as fleeting as the blooming petals of spring. Still, is it not the first breath of life that defines the season?

Whether you feel pride or regret over the person that you are today, know that nothing is forever. In the end, everything returns to the place from which it began. When you achieve something wonderful, know that your potential only grows. When you make a mistake, know that you will always have somewhere in which to start again.

I will leave you with this: there are no last chances. You will always have another chance to try again. You will always have another opportunity to make things right. So, do with that the best that you can — take the time that you have been given and create something transcendental.

Goodbye, for now. Though we may never have spoken, our souls have crossed time and space to share a moment.

I hope that we can meet again someday.